Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Statistics for Plagiarism

The plagiarism-checking company Turnitin has recently published an infographic that shows statistics for students' plagiarism of online sources.

The graphic compares statistics for unoriginal content by both secondary and higher education students, and how those rates have grown over the past few years. Unsurprisingly, Wikipedia is among the most plagiarized sources. At the college level, however, more and more students are copying and pasting content from social media sources than anywhere else -- including the popular academic site SlideShare.

If you are at all curious about plagiarism in higher education, this infographic is worth a glance.

View the larger version of the infographic here >>

Via the Don't Waste Your Time blog >>

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  1. Most of the students think that they are going to play a smart game by re-using the assignments of their seniors, and claim it to be self-written. However, they fail to understand that the assignments they are going to submit online will be reviewed carefully by the university teaching staff with the help of a reliable tool to check duplicate content because they have become much aware of the submissions of plagiarized thesis and coursework by the average students.